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Snoring can bring to impotence

Doctors were finally convinced that snoring leads to the most joyless changes in this delicate area. You can help sildenafil. Read more →

Painkillers can bring to impotence?

Modern man is drinking too much pain medication! Hence many troubles. And the dependence of popular painkillers cause, and spoil the stomach, and liver overload. And now a new problem: scientists have found a direct correlation between the use of men painkillers and reduced potency. Read more →

Shopping faces impotence

Women listen: the heart can bring a man to impotence! And help them only sildenafilo. This claim serious scientists, so the next time you go shopping without their halves. Read more →

Scientists: long sexual abstinence is killing men

French scientists have long studied the question of sexual abstinence and came to the conclusion that without a quality sex life of men is deteriorating. In addition, they can develop psychological and physical disorders that often lead to early death. Read more →

In soda found viagra

As it turned out, producers of energy drinks can add to your product the substances that make up the famous impotence drug viagra.

Scandal erupted in New Zealand. Local experts found that energy drinks with high caffeine content present and other stuff, which producers chose to keep silent. Read more →

Smoking shortens the dignity of men

The opening of the American scientists will make Smoking men to think seriously. It turns out that Smoking adversely affects not only sexual activity of a strong half of mankind, but also reduces the size of their manhood. Read more →

How dangerous is BPH

Adenoma is a growth of the prostate tissue. Despite the fact that the process is benign in nature, it can degrade the quality of life of men. Read more →

Men want to satisfy their women

The results, announced after the research of experts from the US, refute the popular stereotype that men always want sex. Judging by the statements of scientists, for modern men desire intimacy just a very problematic issue. Read more →

Erectile dysfunction prevents a toothbrush

Young men suffering from inflammation of the periodontal tissue three times more likely to experience problems with potency. This was stated by Turkish scientists from the Inonu University, he advised the men to pay more attention to care for the oral cavity. Read more →