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Reading is good for you: in the toilet, and the bedroom

I think all of us in childhood were selected books for lunch, considering that it is extremely harmful. Meanwhile, French They found that reading improves erection levitra 20 is not worse than. It turns out that during reading the person chews food slower and, consequently, carefully. As a result, the food enters the stomach in a more powdered form, and well impregnated with digestive juices. Read more →

That I must have a man to become a father

Male infertility is invoked by a variety of factors, and nutrition are also of great importance. Here are some tips that will help men to maintain good chances of fatherhood. Read more →

Older single women often get orgasm

Ladies in the age of the sexual partner is not so necessary, says Australian sex therapist Jane Howard. Its conclusions she made based on a survey of 500 women over 40 years. The respondents admitted that the lack of men helps them to orgasm. Engaging in self-gratification, they are much more likely to go to heaven. Read more →

The temperament types: bed science

If you occasionally have thoughts that your spouse is a sex maniac, or, on the contrary, I believe that he has problems with potency, think – maybe you just don’t get along with temperaments? Read more →

Dragana leg – a sign of sexual problems

More often manifesting itself in the life of modern men impotence causes scientists to actively investigate this issue. At Harvard University, as it became known, experts have found that the way to pull the leg may indicate certain defects in the male genital area. Read more →

Buttocks. Which means their shape and moles?

Experts in the field of research of human physiology told that some of the properties of sexuality, as in a mirror, are reflected in our “fifth point”. Read more →

Man decorates hardness

The results of the study, which was attended by sexually active citizens from Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Turkey, caused a sensation during the annual Congress of the European Association of urology in Vienna. For 67% of men and 55% of female sex was among the priorities (for men it ranks third for females in the eighth). Read more →

Viagra can cause men of deadly skin cancer

Regular use of viagra not only improves the potency of men, but its risk of becoming a victim of the most deadly variety of skin cancer. To such conclusion came researchers from brown University in the United States. Read more →

Winter affects the potency and conception

The human body is dependent on diurnal and annual rhythms of nature. British scientists Murphy and Abbas found out what changes were made in the winter is such an important component of our health as sex. Read more →

Clothes women killing men

Physiologists claim that the flippant style of dress and behavior of the beautiful half of humanity is not harmless. This is one of the main reasons of male disease. Read more →