I think all of us in childhood were selected books for lunch, considering that it is extremely harmful. Meanwhile, French They found that reading improves erection levitra 20 is not worse than. It turns out that during reading the person chews food slower and, consequently, carefully. As a result, the food enters the stomach in a more powdered form, and well impregnated with digestive juices.

However, the medical reference books for lunch still it is better not to bring.

The book is in the toilet

Judging by the results of researches of German scientists of the Nuremberg Academy of the moral and physical health, reading in the toilet can be not only a habit, annoying households. She turned out to be a highly beneficial psychological aspect. In a confined space, any person starts to feel discomfort and anxiety is deferred on a subconscious level. The book diverts attention to one’s own experiences and helps to overcome fear.
Moreover, during the reading of fascinating stories increasingly reduced the intestinal wall. For this reason, in the toilet it is best to go with the detective.

Reading reduces stress

According to Russian psychologist Professor Michael Mine, reading in crowded public transport is for man a means of self-defense. For example, the subway ride is a psychologically stressful situation: the road is monotonous and stuffy enclosed space have a negative impact on his psyche, shaking nerves. But we should start to read, and the impact of noise on hearing and the vestibular apparatus is reduced – the person ceases to feel the limitations of the territory in which it is situated. Especially well it turns out, if you read fiction.

Recent scientific studies have shown that stressful situation, through reading, is transferred easily. Namely, the level of stress decreases by 68% after a few minutes (6) reading. The book in this sense, works better and faster than other methods to calm frazzled nerves such as listening to music (61%), walking (42%) or a Cup of tea (54%).

… and strengthens the potency

The British sexologists from the lab ejaculatory pathology at the hospital of the St Patrick found that reading complex mathematical books during sex helps to prolong sexual intercourse up to eight times! When a man delves into formula, his arousal drops sharply and delays the process of ejaculation. There is only one “but”: the partner may not appreciate the full usefulness of such things as reading in bed. The experts in this case, give this advice: want to prolong the sexual act, read in mind, myself.