Male infertility is invoked by a variety of factors, and nutrition are also of great importance. Here are some tips that will help men to maintain good chances of fatherhood.

Numerous scientific studies show a link between the quality of sperm the quantity and a healthy diet. In 2013, scientists from the Harvard school of public health concluded that carotenoids – the pigments in plant foods that act as antioxidants – have a positive effect on sperm quality that helps in the treatment of male infertility.

And here are some useful tips regarding male power.

Eat nuts

Men are recommended to eat half a Cup or 60 grams of nuts a day. This improves the speed of movement of sperm and affect male potency, as found by scientists from the University of California in 2012.

Drink coffee

Drinking coffee has a positive impact on speed of sperm is a key factor of success in the fertilization of a woman. If in the course of treatment of male infertility doctors understand that the sperm of their patients do not move too quickly, they often asked the men to drink coffee before sex.

Limit your intake of soy

In 2008, researchers from the Harvard school of health found that a high level of soy products in male diet linked to low sperm counts.

Avoid saturated fats

Saturated fats are found in butter, poultry skin, and meat cutting. In 2012, Danish scientists found that eating large amounts of saturated fats reduces sperm count.