Doctors were finally convinced that snoring leads to the most joyless changes in this delicate area. You can help sildenafil.

Specialists of medical centre of mount Sinai in new York (Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City) said that patients who come to doctors with complaints to problems with potency, it is necessary to check for snoring. Or, as doctors say, obstructive sleep apnea. According to scientists, quality sleep is a direct path to impotence

Snoring (sleep apnea) – a fairly common pathology. It is believed that snoring affects the quality of nighttime sleep, and as a consequence reduces the tonus of the day, causes drowsiness, lethargy, bad for mental abilities. Some doctors argue that because of snoring develop cardiovascular complications, the risk of hypertension and angina, heart attack and stroke. Diabetes and obesity, mental disorders can also arise as a result of poor sleep.

And yesterday we found out that snoring triggers impotence in men.

Researchers from the medical center of mount Sinai has examined 870 men, suffering from obesity (average body mass index of 30.2, the average age in the group of 47.3 years). 63% were discovered obstructive sleep apnea. Among the snoring problems with the potency (erectile dysfunction) were twice as likely compared to men in this experiment, where apnea was observed.

It is curious that simultaneously conducted another study, this time in another American town of Watertown. Scientists of the center “New England Research Institutes” able to establish that the presence of apnea affects the urological field. In particular, the presence of snoring was associated with such phenomena as incontinence and nocturia (need to Wake in the night because of the need to empty the bladder).