Ladies in the age of the sexual partner is not so necessary, says Australian sex therapist Jane Howard. Its conclusions she made based on a survey of 500 women over 40 years. The respondents admitted that the lack of men helps them to orgasm. Engaging in self-gratification, they are much more likely to go to heaven.

This position was expressed by 56% of women. Masturbating, they got orgasm every time, and only 24% of all respondents regularly brought to ecstasy lovers.

“Single women to reach orgasm easier, explains Jane Howard. – They do not need to think about the feelings of a partner, it is not necessary to fulfill men’s fantasies, etc. When a woman Masturbates, she directs the process.”

In addition, the expert adds, with age, the woman better know your body.

Another problem faced by sexually active women – a violation of potency in their elderly companions. A study of Australian specialist debunked the myth that sexual partners whose relationships last for a considerable period, sexual activity persists until the end of life. Each person has his own level of sexuality and their age-related illnesses, which may affect the desire of intimacy.

“According to statistics, more than 80% of women after forty sexually active, but they reach 70 years of age this figure drops to 27%,” – said the scientist.

Howard conducted research showed that to date, interest in sex lose three-fourths of women over seventy. But the paradox is that in spite of very low libido minimal sexual activity, these ladies might still have a youthful orgasm.