If you occasionally have thoughts that your spouse is a sex maniac, or, on the contrary, I believe that he has problems with potency, think – maybe you just don’t get along with temperaments?

Successful sex life largely depends on sexual compatibility of temperament men and women. Temper is a natural given:man is endowed with them at birth, and his strength and impulsivity depending on the amount of hormones produced by the body. Women make estrogens temperamental (if the body produces them in small quantities, it can cause problems with libido and orgasm, and conversely, the estrogen level is higher, the woman is more energetic and sexier).

Types of temperament

Sexologists have counted only three levels of sexual activity: high, medium and low.

High type is just still sex maniacs. Sex they want every day, ideally many times. Place, time, partner with special significance. The desire should be satisfied and the point, – say the representatives of this type. Owners of high class Mature early and to start early sexual life, and the pursuit of the opposite sex lasts very long. In cases where the partner does not satisfy all the sexual needs of a person with this type of temperament, the probability of cheating is high. If your spouse is permanently on edge, and you can’t physically meet all his desires to save the marriage, try to go for small concessions. Quick sex will help a man to get pleasure, and you do virtually at no cost.

To the middle type, the most numerous, belong to the people who for harmony enough sex one-two times a week. In the first half of life, they can often change partners, and then calm down (true, it happens and Vice versa). They are without difficulty transferred temperance, and the older one gets, the more I think that sex is not the most important. Partner trying to choose one for life. Women of this type love foreplay. It is believed that representatives of this type are most mobile and able to quickly adapt to the chosen one. By the way, the same relations are often eventually come and people with a violent temperament.

The owners of the low class without much difficulty to tolerate abstinence, and the more Mature you become, the more I think that sex is not the most important. Partner trying to choose one for life. Women of this type love foreplay. Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour to bring your partner to the boiling point, the men will have to sweat.

Figure. Statistically about 80% of the people included in the middle group, and the others represent the extreme poles (about 10% ). True sexual coldness suffers only 1%.

The principle of compatibility

In order to make sexual life pleased of both partners, it is desirable that their temperaments match. However, this rule is not absolute. Pretty good to get along people high type with medium or medium – low. But in a pair, which combines high and low types of sexual temperament, understanding in bed is unlikely to achieve.

What’s your temperament

Men with high temperament, usually average or below average height, a figure they have proportional and the views are pretty brutal. Women of the same type, too low, have a magnificent breast, thighs and are not prohibitive in length feet. People with low sexual temperament often tall and thin, sometimes stooped. Thigh they have a narrow, sunken chest. If you add up the characteristics of the first and second, and the result divided by two, get numerous representatives versions of “facelift”.