Women listen: the heart can bring a man to impotence! And help them only sildenafilo. This claim serious scientists, so the next time you go shopping without their halves.

Strong gender and shopping represent a toxic mix, according to scientists from Germany. And “retail therapy” can lead to the fact that the man will become impotent. It is connected not with the psychological aversion of men to purchase, because among them there are many those who loves to shop.

Just some cash receipts contains a number of harmful for male substance bisphenol a that it is sufficient for the suppression of sex hormones in men. With the help of bisphenol A on heat-sensitive paper of the check showing through the ink.

Man touching the cheque, and then after some time, touches a hand to his mouth or eats some food. At this point, bisphenol a enters the body. 42-year-old Professor Frank Sommer from Berlin convinced that this pernicious substance capable of disrupting hormonal balance.

“Substances like bisphenol A, can alter the balance of sex hormones in men towards a greater number of women’s estrogen, says Sommer. – In the long run it inevitably leads to a decrease in sexual desire, stimulates the growth of fat in the abdomen and around the waist, and not muscle. In addition, it also has a bad effect on erection and potency”.

By the way, bisphenol a is already banned in Canada and three U.S. States. Apparently, the local men can enjoy shopping without any fear.