In Medical school, Cairo University in Egypt, with the assistance of the London clinic of Andrology International scientists was able to determine how effective Botox for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

This problem bothers many men and effective treatment to date was not, scientists say that this discovery could be a breakthrough in this matter.

Throughout the project, was a marked improvement in almost half of the volunteers participating in the experiment. Main specialist of International Andrology Amra Rahim argues that many of the stronger sex, suffering from impotence the introduction of botulinum toxin “A-type” will be a real salvation. After the introduction of medications the smooth muscles relax, increases blood flow to the genital area, and as a result improving erections.

But six months after treatment, her condition begins to deteriorate. In this study, agreed to participate in men with a diagnosis of severe or last stage of erectile dysfunction. More than half of the volunteers who received 50 ml of Botox confirmed a clear increase in erection. Of these, about 25 percent were able to have intercourse.

Scientists claim that using this method of treatment may be a reliable and quick restoration of sexual body functions in men eliminating surgical intervention.