More often manifesting itself in the life of modern men impotence causes scientists to actively investigate this issue. At Harvard University, as it became known, experts have found that the way to pull the leg may indicate certain defects in the male genital area.

According to the curator of research, Xiang Gao, there is a direct link between restless leg syndrome and impotence. Analysis of the data indicated in the maps of patients with problems in the potency, in particular, revealed the following pattern: men with this syndrome are twice as likely to become victims of impotence.

For reference

Restless legs syndrome is a neurological ailment that causes discomfort in the legs (aching pain, pins and needles, tremors, tingling, burning, twitching, wiggling under the skin etc.) and therefore forcing them constantly pull and wiggle.

That can cause impotence:

  • excessive Biking;
  • genital piercing;
  • bruises and injuries of the spine;
  • emotional intemperance, irascibility;
  • non-Smoking.


Every sixth man between 20 and 30 years has become impotent either temporarily or permanently.