French scientists have long studied the question of sexual abstinence and came to the conclusion that without a quality sex life of men is deteriorating. In addition, they can develop psychological and physical disorders that often lead to early death.

In her research work, the experts described the consequences of sexual abstinence. Moreover, the results of the study for men and women were different. If the beautiful half of humanity does not feel any emotions because of the lack of sex, that their partners is not. If they for some reason are deprived of intimacy, their body begins to age faster and, as a result, there comes an early death.

Scientists have proven that without sex, the stronger sex have not only the mind is disturbed, but prematurely have problems with potency and also is deteriorating the health of the cardiovascular system. In the male body continues production of hormones and sperm even if he stops having sex. First, the brain responds by nocturnal emissions, and then begins to block the production of seminal fluid, as it believes that it is no longer required (on the same principle disappears milk in lactating women when she takes the baby to the breast). As a result, men facing impotence.

Almost all the abstaining representatives of the stronger sex are in a neurotic state, constantly feeling extreme irritability and aggression. And a surplus of sex hormones in the body, sometimes so severely weakens the human psyche that he experiences obsessions, phobias, delusions, and even a split personality. Developed on the background of the lack of sexual activity depression in the most severe cases can drive a man to suicide.

Women often leave their husbands without sex, each time coming up with new tricks. Sometimes they are also experiencing the discomfort of abstinence in a bad mood, but do not consider it fatal, so they do not think what damage can cause to the health of men lack of sexual life.