Experts in the field of research of human physiology told that some of the properties of sexuality, as in a mirror, are reflected in our “fifth point”.


The left cheek means a life well lived. In her circles and lines encrypted intuition, knowledge and emotions. The right cheek is the door to the future. It reveals the talents of the man, his goals and dreams and hopes.

If the left buttock at a glance (or touch) seems a little more right, which means that all the difficulties the person behind. For this asymmetry, you can determine the best option for marriage.
If the right cheek more than the left – its owner has yet to hold severe life test.

Symmetrical folds under the buttocks give an extensive, balanced and cool people. Such love once and for all. In intimate relationships dissolve in a partner, doing all their best so that was good. Asymmetric folds – sign of greed and selfishness. Accordingly, in bed with a man only thinks about himself. And even just to sleep with him – a real nuisance, because he pulls all the covers and kicking.


Similar to the Apple “the fifth point” shows that its owner – a confident personality and very attractive. From the point of view of sex it is almost perfect as is able to enjoy life and is able to deliver a heavenly pleasure to the partner.

Pear-shaped buttocks give patient and practical people. The sex in a relationship with a loved one for them is not important. Perhaps that is why they do not intrigue on the side.

A man with muscular and slightly curved “stern” about sex is strong, tough and assertive, but… no not miss a single skirt.

“Ears” below the waist. The owner of the buttocks, with “ears” on the sides, will spend all their energy on love and family relationships. Next to it will be snug but no more. As a rule, such people don’t strive up the career ladder, and special talents do not Shine.


Hairy buttocks are very kind and accommodating people, but given their low potency and genetic predisposition to disease, primarily of the organs located in the pelvic region. Body hair only the top part of the buttocks, over the sacrum – symptom of the mutations in the genes. Children from such a father can be born with external deformities or a bad character. Before you have kids with this man, you need to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.

The combination of red hair with black on the buttocks happens in people talented and very emotional. The opposite combination gives the nature of the vicious and even criminal (common in sexual predators).

Graying hair on the buttocks in men signal that the joys of love’s about to run out – coming impotence. Hair, thinning toward the middle, though threadbare, given the insidious nature of the master – he is restless and constantly fidgeting, showing a readiness to flee at the slightest danger.

The geography of moles

Moles on the upper part of the buttocks are the most common in people of passionate and courageous, able to make love in a variety of poses. moles on the “equator” indicate serious diseases, which may be, your partner does not even know. Moles at the bottom of this part of the body indicate problems with fertility. The woman is a sign of irregular menstruation, and men – the fact that the sperm are very few motile sperm.

People who have a birthmark hidden in the crease between the buttocks, fate provided creative and sexual longevity, say the physiologists.