The results of the study, which was attended by sexually active citizens from Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Turkey, caused a sensation during the annual Congress of the European Association of urology in Vienna. For 67% of men and 55% of female sex was among the priorities (for men it ranks third for females in the eighth). However, 59% of men and 64% of women admitted that their sex lives are unhappy. Most satisfied were hot men from Turkey (54%) and Israel (50%), the most sexually unhappy from Czech Republic (32%) and Ukraine (26%). The number of sexually-satisfied men, the Russians somewhere in the middle — 40%. As for the ladies, more than the rest of the happy sex ladies father (44%) and polka (43%), and over all not satisfied with the Czechs (31%) and Ukrainian (26%). Among the Russians there were 36%.


Scale of hardness of an erection (STA)

  • I, the penis is enlarged, but not hard enough;
  • II — penis hard, but not hard enough for penetration;
  • III penis hard enough for penetration but not completely hard;
  • IV — the penis is fully rigid and fully elastic.

It was also found that the degree of satisfaction the sexual life of both sexes depends on the degree of hardness of a man’s penis. Erection measured not anyhow, but according to modern “scale hardness of erection” (STA). All degrees of hardness doctors have identified a 4. At the happy owners of 4-th degree, STA (“penis is completely hard and fully elastic”) everything is fine, but the first three grades say of some, and sometimes quite serious problems (penis or absolutely sluggish, or not hard enough). The survey showed that men with the 4th degree of hardness of an erection have sex more often than those with degree at least 3 in an average of 11.5 times per month compared to 8.5 times. Women with partners have the 4th degree of hardness of the erection, noted that they are also having sex more often: 10.8 times per month, but if the partner of the 3rd degree — 7 times per month. Direct connection the researchers saw, and following the chain “strength member” — “frequent sex” — “a positive Outlook on life.” Men with flaccid members were less satisfied with life in General.

Alas — to the optimum degree of hardness does not hold the penis in total, 35% of respondents (men and women in this matter is the same). The Russians were in this sense is not lagging behind nation — among our men lack of hardness 1-3-th degree can “boast” only 27%, i.e. only every third compatriot sexually active age. For comparison: among the Slovaks more than half of these. But among the Hungarians — 19%. Men aged 60 and older are more likely to recognize this as a problem (46%) than men under the age of 40 years (34%) and men aged 40-59 years (40%).

The survey also showed that most men (87%) and women (77%) in all countries of the world have a dream to improve their sex life. But the problem is not only in members but also in the minds of the sexually weak men. The majority of survey participants admitted that they are too embarrassed to discuss such issues with doctors. Especially among those whose degree of erection is estimated at C grade and below. According to the survey, such a feat (going to the doctor) ready only 16% of men and 10% women. Among Russian men and even 9%. “Therefore, in Russia, men often die young, — concludes Dr. John Dean from the UK, member of the European Association of urology. Instead of discussing their problems with a doctor, many men are looking for information on the Internet and buy medicines without a prescription, thus risking his life.”

According to the survey, for advice to improve the potency of the world wide web appeal 42% of men and 47% women. And many are willing to buy drugs to increase potency through the online pharmacy. More than half of men and women believe this situation is quite normal and sure sold in world wide web drugs are safe. “But to buy such drugs on the Internet is very dangerous! — exclaims Dr. Dean. — 95.6% of online pharmacies are operating illegally”. According to who, more than 50% of medicines purchased over the Internet, counterfeit. Means to increase potency fake, especially their names at the hearing, and they are not cheap. A recent analysis conducted by American doctor George. Jackson together with a group of researchers, showed that more than 30% of patients did not find an effect in the use of access to new medicines for the treatment of impotence. That is, they are pinned. And it’s good, not harm — resulting from the consumption of counterfeit medications for erectile dysfunction (ED) the consequences can be very severe, including sudden death. How serious can be the consequences of nelecheny ED — as a rule, it is a “barometer” of serious diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis etc.), so as not to draw attention to this intimate problem dangerous.

But today it is very common. About 50 percent of men aged 40 to 70 years suffer from light, medium or full degree of impotence. ED can be a complication of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, depression, side effect of medication or surgery — and in each case must be handled by a doctor. This itself is ED can provoke feelings of anxiety and depression, and low self-esteem.

— It is necessary to clarify that erectile dysfunction is a disease and that men who suffer from them, you need to consult a specialist to obtain a medical opinion and appropriate treatment. Treatment of ED should include not only men with erection 1st and 2nd degree, STA, but men with insufficient hardness of an erection, able to commit a sexual act (3rd degree). When working with patients with ED, the doctor checks the presence of such comorbidities as cardiovascular and diabetes. In the case where medications are purchased to bypass the health system, these diseases can remain undetected, says Dr. Dean.