The human body is dependent on diurnal and annual rhythms of nature. British scientists Murphy and Abbas found out what changes were made in the winter is such an important component of our health as sex.

Experts came to the conclusion that in the winter months, most women fall into a state of physiological torpor. With the onset of cold weather, women begin to experience an acute need for an additional two hours of sleep and tend to withdraw into themselves. In winter time women are most vulnerable to emotional distress, depression, and sexual desire becomes much less intense. As a result, in the cold the ability of the female body to conceive drops dramatically, and climatic and geographical correlation confirms this dependence. The further North you go, the more dependent the reproductive functions of women, the change of seasons. During the cold months in Northern Finland, for example, women become almost sterile.

Men winter can also deal with the fact that you discover the characteristics of the extinguished sexual desire. This time of year naturally reduces the production of testosterone hormone in regulating sexuality in the male body. This fact was confirmed by the staff of the Department of reproductive systems in the medical research Council of Britain. Their study showed that the lack of the main male hormone in winter feel like the human race and animals, which in this case lose not only sexual desire, but also change their behavior become nervous, withdrawn, irrational and aggressive. Scientists emphasize that men even more difficult because testosterone deficiency in their case, aggravated by a difficult way of life nervous stress, chronic fatigue, bad environment.

Finally, sexual activity can affect banal hypothermia. Many men now dig out their cars from under the snow, take off jackets, sweat then sit in a cold parlor, and eventually the body temperature changes dramatically, which contributes to not only colds, but prostatitis and BPH.