Physiologists claim that the flippant style of dress and behavior of the beautiful half of humanity is not harmless. This is one of the main reasons of male disease.

American scientists have conducted studies for over thirty years. The observation that one in three Americans and Europeans over the age of 30 have problems with impotence or prostate gland. For comparison, the data obtained in the countries of the Muslim East. The inhabitants of Arab countries have the lowest incidence of prostate cancer. In the original version of the scientists, this was due to the climate or dietary habits of the local population. But a careful study of the living conditions and diet of the inhabitants of the East of the guess is not confirmed.

The real reason, as it turned out, was not in the food culture and the culture of clothing. Oriental woman hiding almost the whole body under the clothes, the robes and the burqa – in contrast to the European ladies. The last popular mini skirts, tight semi-transparent blouses, deep-cut tops. Such “emancipation” in the clothes of the fair sex triggers in men a feeling of strong tension.

Senior researcher of Russian Institute of Culturology, RAS academician Leonid Kitaev-Smyk confirms the opinion of the American researchers. In his opinion, in the modern world about 70 percent of cases of impotence are natural defensive reaction of the organism to the stress of constant unfulfilled arousal.

Meanwhile, American sexologists made up the “black list” of occupations that cause health problems in men. In addition to the scrutiny of frivolously dressed girls on the street, it includes: viewing Internet pornography, videoerotico and pornography, reading erotic magazines, visits to strip bars.