The opening of the American scientists will make Smoking men to think seriously. It turns out that Smoking adversely affects not only sexual activity of a strong half of mankind, but also reduces the size of their manhood.

After a series of experiments, which involved 65 volunteers, American scientists came to a disappointing conclusion. Addiction, which affects many men, a serious impact on their sex life.

In addition to the known problems with potency from prolonged Smoking decreases male genital organ. In the experiment, the volunteer smokers, that have known problems with potency offered undergo an eight-week course of cure for nicotine addiction.

Before the course and immediately after the eight-week treatment, the men showed pornographic films. While watching American scientists special apparatus recorded the size of reproductive organ of men in erection.

The data from experiment impress scientists. Men who for eight weeks has refused the harmful habit of Smoking have become faster with excitement. But most importantly – their manhood really increased in size!

It is no secret that for many representatives of a strong half of mankind, published data of American experts will resound like thunder in a clear sky. Keep your sexual activity and the size of manhood for many so-called macho is a matter of life and death.

According to the authoritative opinion of American scientists, a speedy deliverance for addiction to nicotine is nothing more than a key to a long and rich sexual life for the representatives of a strong half of mankind!