Adenoma is a growth of the prostate tissue. Despite the fact that the process is benign in nature, it can degrade the quality of life of men.

With age, the risk of adenomas is increased in a ratio of about: 50 years every second reveals an enlarged prostate, 60 years – 60% in 70 years – 70% of men. As you can see, age is an occasion once again to address to the urologist for the purpose of examination and possible correction of the condition.

How dangerous is BPH? Of course, this is not a fatal disease, but the adenoma may significantly worsen the quality of life. This is due to the fact that an enlarged prostate squeezes held in her urethra. In this connection there are problems with urination, urine stream becomes weak, the man has to make an effort to urinate.

In the first stage of the disease symptoms of the adenoma little noticeable, but when moving to the next stage of the disease, the disease progresses, causing a lot of discomfort. The man is bothered by frequent and painful urination, including at night. Over time, the bladder wall deforms, it stretches and loses its elasticity and ability to contract. To empty the bladder becomes even more difficult – except for a narrowed ureter there is a problem in the form of a flaccid bladder. In poorly functioning bladder can accumulate up to 2 liters of urine.

Closer to the third stage of prostatic adenoma increases the risk of stagnation of urine, which may eventually lead to dangerous condition is a chronic kidney failure. The permanent stagnation of urine leads to infection and development of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract – cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis.

Treatment is recommended to start at the first stage of prostatic adenoma, when there is still an opportunity to slow down prostate enlargement. Advanced forms of the disease in the third stage is an indication for surgery. Fortunately, modern medicine offers a number of drugs that can alleviate the condition and avoid surgery.

For example, a product such as the decreased in the accounting, you can apply at any stage of BPH. The decreased in the accounting enables you to relieve swelling, to reduce prostate size and improve its functional condition. The severity of voiding may be reduced. The drug is also useful for its anti-inflammatory effect, which can be used as a prevention of prostatitis (which is when the adenoma is found in 80% of cases).

The decreased in the accounting has no negative effects on the reproductive and sexual functions of men, allows you to preserve the potency. The drug is easy to use – decreased in the accounting comes in the form of tablets for sucking, which should not be taken with water, which gives the opportunity to take medicine in any situation.

The prostate cancer requires constant surveillance and care for health. Try to avoid hypothermia and physical exertion, alcohol, and spicy foods is also desirable to limit. Moderate physical activity, fresh air, proper diet, and adherence of the day, will help to stay longer in good shape.