The results, announced after the research of experts from the US, refute the popular stereotype that men always want sex. Judging by the statements of scientists, for modern men desire intimacy just a very problematic issue.

Most of the male population avoid sex with his partner, this is the conclusion of scientists published NYDaily News. According to the data given in the article, the lion’s share of men absolutely not eager to retire to the bedroom with his chosen.

In the survey of American researchers took part 1000 respondents. While 66% of men reported their unwillingness to have sex. Interestingly, an even greater number of men, 74%, agreed to answer a question about the wording of the denial of intimacy with a partner. In other words, sex is sometimes not averse to shirk, even those who easily come into contact.

“”Tired at work”, “I have a headache”, “I need to sleep” – that’s how most men would tell partners their reluctance. Some speak of the ailments and depression,” he shared details of the authors.

Commenting on the issue, one of the leading experts of the project of Chad Davis explained that dissatisfaction in the quality of sexual life in couples leads to negative consequences. Half of the respondents, for example, said that the conflict on the basis of the reluctance to have sex and another third that is on the verge of breakup because of this.

Note that the tendency to reduce libido in modern men has been confirmed in the study conducted earlier in Australia, with the participation of 300 respondents. It showed that every sixth men desire arises only once a month due to extreme fatigue or stress. In each of the sixth pair, respectively, the rates of sexual desire were higher in women.