Young men suffering from inflammation of the periodontal tissue three times more likely to experience problems with potency. This was stated by Turkish scientists from the Inonu University, he advised the men to pay more attention to care for the oral cavity.

The group of experts under the guidance of Dr. Faita of Agusa conducted a comparative study that involved 162 volunteers. The average age of men was 36 years.

Ogus divided the subjects into 2 groups: some have experienced problems with potency, while others complained about their sexual life.
“Since we know that Smoking, diabetes and coronary heart disease reduce the potency, were excluded from the analysis of smokers and those suffering from the above-mentioned systemic diseases. This allowed us to minimize errors in the results of the study,” explained Agus.

As it turned out after visiting volunteer dental surgeries, chronic periodontitis was diagnosed in 53% of men in the first group and 23% in the second (control). After taking into account additional criteria such as body mass index, education level, social status, etc., the researchers determined that men who have been affected periodontal tissue suffered erectile dysfunction is 3.29 times more often.

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The theory is based on men’s health is the condition of their mouth was known and earlier, however, empirical research until now was conducted. Turkish specialists were the first to prove this parallel, and now they highly recommend that men often go to the dentist and good brushing.
Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gum tissue surrounding and holding the tooth.